Stand perpendicular to the sea, Beydağları and Taurus mountains offer you utterly a different world that is ready to be discovered. As the region has Mediterranean climate, it is suitable for nature sports for four seasons of the year and attracts enthusiasts to Kemer. You can participate to many activities such as trekking, jeep safari, mountain biking, caverns, rock climbing, para-gliding and nature photography inside the magnificent surroundings of Kemer and climb up to the summit of Beydağları through splendid views of the mountains and the forests.

You can make camping in plateaus situated at the piedmont of the mountains covered with juniper and cedar trees or stay at establishments serving for nature sports. Göynük canyon situated in Göynük district and the Valley in Kuzdere are the spots that can be rarely found for canyon enthusiasts. Kemer also offers many alternatives for rock-climbing. One of the best climbing routes of our region is Karataş (Twin Rocks) in Kemer-Kuzdere. Formed with two volcanic rocks, Karataş is a natural wonder. With a range of climbing points, Karatas is often visited both by amateur and professional climbers.

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